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A level and I/GCSE Tuition
in Physics and Mathematics

One-to-one tuition face-to-face or on-line from
Michael Andrew Smith
MInstP BSc(Hons) NatSciPhys & Math

A tutor with fourteen years of experience & dedication with extensive knowledge of both physics & mathematics at A level, IGCSE & GCSE

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0 77 86 69 56 06
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Michael Andrew Smith

Customer Comments:

Michael has tutored my twin daughters throughout this year and has helped them tremendously with their GCSE Exam/Assessments, during the pandemic. He has been a great tutor to both of them, patient, thorough and always well prepped with the maths subjects that they needed to cover. We really appreciate all the help that he has given them and would highly recommend him as a tutor.

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March '21 Newsletter

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