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A level & I/GCSE Tuition
in Physics & Mathematics

One-to-one tuition face-to-face or on-line from
Michael Andrew Smith
MInstP BSc(Hons) NatSciPhys & Math

A tutor with fifteen years of experience & dedication with extensive knowledge of both physics & mathematics at A level, IGCSE & GCSE

Introductory session: free & without obligation

Contact Michael on
0 77 86 69 56 06
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Michael Andrew Smith

Customer Comments:

"Michael has tutored my twin daughters throughout this year & has helped them tremendously with their GCSE Exam/Assessments, during the pandemic. He has been a great tutor to both of them, patient, thorough & always well prepped with the maths subjects that they needed to cover. We really appreciate all the help that he has given them & would highly recommend him as a tutor."

"MS has been a great success in both re-engaging & encouraging my son's confidence in mathematics. He quickly saw where the weaknesses were, which were addressed & supported with great patience, & carefully developed my son's learning capabilities. Very much appreciated!"

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